Beach Ultimate Leagues in the US

Beach Ultimate in the US has mostly been in the form of annual tournaments. However that is changing. For many years Los Angeles was the only place with a Beach Ultimate league. This fall they are starting their 5th of Beach Ultimate league season with 16 teams (about 200 people) taking over a good chunk of Santa Monica Beach for 7 weeks. They even have an all-star game, where every team sends a male and a female player.(
Chicago kicked off a 6-week Beach Ultimate league this year after their annual Sandblast tournament. The experience was very positive for new and experience players. Ultimate Chicago (a local social organization) ran the league and is going to host an even bigger one next summer in two different sessions.
There is even rumor of Beach Ultimate in Boston next year… but that is just a rumor…
Mojo Jojo – Lei-Out Beach League Winners 2008


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