It is not always easier sailing

Beach Ultimate in Asia has been something I have written a lot about lately. China, India, Australia, Singapore, etc… many countries in the region have Beach Ultimate tournaments. The sport is truly growing. However it seems that when given the choice, most Asian players still prefer grass Ultimate.
We have been promoting and organizing the Asian Championships for more than a year now. We offered free accommodation, a Magic Bus trip to Manila Spirits (qualifier for the the world grass championships in Prague next year), and visited several tournaments in the region to get players/teams committed to come.But it seems that only a few countries are really dedicated to Beach Ultimate (Australia and the Philippines). New Zealand is coming with a mixed team and Singapore and China are still trying to get enough players to commit. India said they would come but payment has not yet been received.
This will not stop us from putting a stake in the ground. The championship will happen and we are still reaching out to get more teams. The Philippines will have two teams in each division and if you know of anyone that is interested in playing, let me know. Beach Ultimate in Boracay during Halloween is not something people should miss!


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