Asian Championships wrap-up

It already has been 2 weeks since BULA’s 1st Asian Championships Beach Ultimate saw its finals.The Philippines ruled. They won the Open and Mixed division without any problems. Neither team dropped a game and they showed supremacy on the beach as I have never seen before.
The championship was a lot of fun. It was unfortunate that most Asian countries still prefer to play grass Ultimate and apart from some strays that played under the flag of New Zealand, only Australia made the trip to paradise (and Boracay IS paradise!). However, that did not stop the quality of play and partying. It was really a wild and crazy time.
If you want to see pictures, go to or check Facebook for ACBU
Thank you Karen and everyone else for making us feel welcome and putting up a great display of sportsmanship and fun.

It is not always easier sailing

Beach Ultimate in Asia has been something I have written a lot about lately. China, India, Australia, Singapore, etc… many countries in the region have Beach Ultimate tournaments. The sport is truly growing. However it seems that when given the choice, most Asian players still prefer grass Ultimate.
We have been promoting and organizing the Asian Championships for more than a year now. We offered free accommodation, a Magic Bus trip to Manila Spirits (qualifier for the the world grass championships in Prague next year), and visited several tournaments in the region to get players/teams committed to come.But it seems that only a few countries are really dedicated to Beach Ultimate (Australia and the Philippines). New Zealand is coming with a mixed team and Singapore and China are still trying to get enough players to commit. India said they would come but payment has not yet been received.
This will not stop us from putting a stake in the ground. The championship will happen and we are still reaching out to get more teams. The Philippines will have two teams in each division and if you know of anyone that is interested in playing, let me know. Beach Ultimate in Boracay during Halloween is not something people should miss!

Asian Championships website ready

Last month we launched the website for the Asian Championships Beach Ultimate All the information you need is on there.
For those of you that are fortunate to think about going there, you might be happy to know that we are currently in communication with the organizers of the Manila Spirits / AOUCC 2009 (Asia-Oceanic Ultimate Club Championships) to jointly promote the two championships. The AOUCC is 6-8 Nov 2009 in Manila, so we are looking into finding good ways for players to attend both championships. First a great warm up on the beach with lots of parties and Boracay spirit. Then a week later players strap on their cleats and play the qualification round for the WUCC in Prague in 2010!
2009 is going to be the breakthrough year for Asian (Beach) Ultimate. Wooohooo!

Asian Championships Beach Ultimate in Boracay!

Today BULA and the Boracay Beach Ultimate Association are proud to announce that the Asian Championships Beach Ultimate for national teams (ACBU 2009) will be held 28-31 October 2009 on Boracay Island (the Philippines).
National teams in the Open division and the Mixed division will compete for the title of Asian Beach Ultimate Champions, a title they will retain for 4 years (the next ACBU will be in 2013). Registration and openings party are on Wednesday 28 October. The semi-finals and finals will be held on Saturday 31 October.
Download the Team and Player Manual
More info to follow
We are waiting for you!

Asian Championships Beach Ultimate 2009

Today we sent out the official invitation for countries to play at and/or host the 1st Asian Championships Beach Ultimate (5-on-5 format for national teams).

  • Australia,
  • China,
  • Currier Island,
  • Hong Kong,
  • India,
  • Indonesia,
  • Japan,
  • Malaysia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Philippines,
  • Singapore,
  • South Korea,
  • Taiwan,
  • Thailand,
  • Vietnam
All 15 countries get the opportunity to shine in what will be once again be a unique and historic Beach Ultimate championship:the first Asian Championships Beach Ultimate (ACBU).
Last year’s final between Australia and the Philippines at the World Championships in Brazil was thrilling, with great plays and amazing spirit! I am expecting the same at the 2009 ACBU.
Our aim is to make the ACBU 2009 the event with the most Asian countries participating in an Ultimate event, ever!
Teams only need 9 players per team, so tell your friends, tell your national federation. They should have received an invitation. If not, have them contact us.