BULA adopts the 2009 WFDF rules

As of 16 March 2009 BULA tournaments should be played using the 2009 WFDF rules with the BULA addendum
Players will need to learn some significant changes before playing under the new rules:

  1. Marking infractions don’t stop play. After a second infraction, the marker resets the count to 0 and continues
  2. Play doesn’t stop for a travel where the thrower hasn’t thrown the disc, the stall halts and the thrower goes back to the correct pivot point as indicated by the defence
  3. Calling a time-out when you don’t have any left is not a turnover. Add 2 to the stall count instead
  4. Players may ask non-players for their perspective on a call
  5. There is a new infraction called “Contact” for when the marker touches the thrower or the disc but not in the act of throwing – this should not be treated as a foul as it is not affecting possession, but treated as a marking violation.
  6. If a call during or after the throwing motion did not affect possession, then it should be ignored. For example, if a thrower is fouled in the act of throwing, but the disc flies perfectly to the receiver who then drops it on their chest, the turnover should stand.
  7. In order to throw after landing but before establishing a pivot, a thrower must maintain contact with the ground throughout the throwing motion.
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