Organize your team be a HappyTC

email_monster.gifFor years I have been organizing pick games, practices, league days, etc… It is always the same: I send an email to the appropriate mailing list asking who is going. Within minutes I get lots of emails back. People comment on everything and suddenly a simple question becomes an email monster. And I only wanted to know who was coming!
And then I found HappyTC….
Nice! Simple! Effective! Players receive an email (this process can be automated) and they just have to click on a link in their email to say yes, no, maybe.I now I know who is coming.
Happy TC can use some improvements (e.g. specifying the time of sending the automated emails) but I love it already. It even lists Ultimate as a sport and you can see how the turn out is going to be based on gender and/or position. Sweet!


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