BULA in the Wall Street Journal

In an article about the commonwealth games Paul Beckett and Tripti Lahiri recognize that the sports played in the commonwealth games are all sports spread around the world through the British Empire.
Then they wondered, just for fun, what sports might appear in an American equivalent of this extravaganza and which countries would be invited into the “U.S. Commonwealth” to compete.
Naturally Ultimate Frisbee was included. They wrote:

“A quintessentially American sport that derives its name from the flying discs made by the Wham-O Corp. of California. Ultimate has elements in common with both (American) football and rugby, to the extent that it involves two teams trying to move an object over a touch line. It also has the best name of any sporting organization we’ve found: The Beach Ultimate Lovers Association. At least, we hope it’s a sporting organization.”

The whole article can be found here


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