It is Gazos Gambit time again…

US Beach Ultimate…
Sandblast… Wildwood… Leiout… and Gazos Gambit…
Ok, Gazos Gambit doesn’t have 1,000’s of players but it has Edmundo! Organizer, player, and DJ extraordinaire. Edmundo always manages to get a great crowd of Bay Area players to attend and that makes the tournament so special.
Any Beach Ultimate player that is even remotely in the area should keep November 20 & 21 open! Check it out on, or the facebook group he created


please email [email protected] to play as an individual or submit a team.
there is one, maybe two pickup teams.
hurry! $100 team fee due Oct 15th
pay $60 in advance for the whole weekend ((catered!) dinner, breakfast, party, beer, games, water, frisbee central snacks)

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