USA Ultimate welcomes Beach Ultimate under its NGB umbrella

usa_ultimate_logo_detail.gifBoulder, Colo. (September 29, 2010)–USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of Ultimate in the United States, announced today the creation of a Beach Ultimate division and committee to organize, promote and administer the sport of Beach Ultimate.
Recent passage of a proposal to create an official Beach Ultimate World Championship at the World Congress of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) called for the identification of a sole entity as the official representative of Beach Ultimate for each country. Upon passage of the proposal, WFDF recognized the current national associations as the governing entities for Beach Ultimate, and encouraged their member organizations to embrace and support this new endeavor.
Dr. Tom Crawford, CEO of USA Ultimate, was present for the proposal and discussion in Prague: “We were very supportive of the proposal for several reasons, including the large number of our current members who play both beach and grass Ultimate. We see this as a great opportunity to help grow the beach side of our sport and create more playing opportunities for new and existing Ultimate athletes. We also knew we had a great existing group to work with, led by David Hammond, that will make this initiative go smoothly for us and our Board. They are the experts and they will lead this effort for USA Ultimate.” More…


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