It is official: Beach Ultimate is a disc sport

Remember it was almost official? Now it is 100% official! The World Flying Disc Federation member poll closed and there were 62 votes in favor, 0 against, and 0 abstained! Beach Ultimate is now an officially recognized disc sport!
This also means that the WFDF and BULA will jointly host the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Italy 22-28 August 2011. This will be 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate for national teams and countries can compete in 6 divisions:
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1. Open
2. Women
3. Mixed
4. Masters (’78 or earlier)
5. Mixed Masters (’78 or earlier)
6. Grandmasters (’71 or earlier)
The location is perfect! It is at a sports complex that has its own beach and can house 2,500 players. Prices are low (40 euros per person per night for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a room with 3 others). All the basic information is at
Juniors (’92 or later) will have their own World Championships at the same place, a week before: 17-20 August and will compete in:
1. Open
2. Girls
3. Mixed
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JUNIORS??? theres actually a junior’s division?!
i’m dying to play there. thats so sweet, there are junior beach championships next year!!!
thank you so much for organising all this stuff, must be a lot of work, your commitment is adorable, patrick! 😀
but seriously, do you think we’ll make it to let

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