BULA Traveling tournament goes to Holland

Every year BULA plants a Beach Ultimate seed around the world to help the sport grow. It does so by organizing/promoting one special Beach Ultimate tournament per year in an area that has potential.
In 2009, the BULA BUTT moves to the beach of Monster in the Netherlands for the 2nd edition of Monsterball. Last year’s edition, organized by Ultimus Prime in The Hague, was a wild success – great competition, teams from 4 countries, and a rockin’ party.
With BULA’s help Monsterball is going even bigger this year: 32 teams, 8 fields, an under-17 division, and an even bigger, better party.
It is going to be a Monster BUTT! 🙂
Check it out: www.ultimusprime.com/monsterball.html

2009 Xefina HAT Tournament, Maputo, Mozambique

Dear Ultimate friends,
Yes at last!… after last year’s success we promised to organise the Xefina HAT tournament again in 2009! And here it is:
This year it will be on the holiday of Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd! The Sunday is open for some interesting and relaxing excursions in Mocambique… or just for some nice lullas/camarao and cerveja while looking at the ocean.
Due to the tide that weekend we will organise a 5 on 5 multi-surface tournament, Friday we’ll play on the beach of the island of Xefina (in the bay of Maputo) and on Saturday we’ll be playing at the fields of the American School (same teams and beach ultimate size fields).
The tourney is limited to 60 participants and we plan to have always 2 women/3 men in the field.
Parties… yes there will be plenty… that goes without saying in Mozambique! One party will be in the old train station of Maputo built in 1910 by Mr. Gustave Eiffel, a very inspiring venue.
If you want to be part of this year’s great tournament send us an e-mail: [email protected].
First come first serve!
Happy hucking,
Stef Stevens

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BULA adopts WFDF rules

UPDATE 15 March 2009: the links now point to the 2009 Rules instead of the 2008 rules.
Since BULA’s inception early this century we have had an independent set of Beach Ultimate rules. However this was not an optimal solution for Beach Ultimate players. Differences between WFDF, BULA, and UPA rules made playing internationally more difficult than is should be. So when the WFDF made major improvements to their rules last year BULA wanted to follow suit.
As of today, and after getting unanimous approval from the BULA rules committee and BULA tournament directors, all BULA tournaments will play by the just released 2008 WFDF rules with an appendix showing beach specific difference such as number of players, field size, etc…


New Spirit of the Game scoring system

UPDATE 22 October 2009: The 2008 version has now be replaced by the 2010 version. Please redirect your browser to www.beachultimate.org/blog/2009/10/spirit.html
BULA and the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) have launched a revolutionary new Spirit of the Game scoring system. The system is designed to quickly and accurately determine the SOTG winner while teaching what Spirit of the Game really means.
Maintaining the Spirit of the Game is key for us and having a system that correctly teaches this is very important. It allows for further growth of the sport while keeping the Spirit intact.
The new system got its foundation from the system that BULA launched in 2006. However the system was improved thanks to feedback from the community and the work of Chris Schneider, Christian Jennewein, Dan Engstrom, David Raflo, Kolja Sulimma, Momme Butenschön, Natalie Visser, Patrick van der Valk, Paul Bernier, and Rue Veitl.
Scoring is based on judging Respect, Fairness, Positive Attitude, Emotional Management, Rules Knowledge, and Physical Contact. Teams are also asked to reflect on their own Spirit as that is only fair. To make it easy to adopt we created 3 similar documents:

  1. One SOTG scoring sheet on a page
  2. Two SOTG scoring sheets on a page
  3. Two SOTG scoring sheets plus a goal scoring sheet on the same page

The system was tested at the European Championships Beach Ultimate last weekend and the feedback has been extremely positive. We encourage all tournament and league directors to use this system and get feedback from your players and see what they think about it. We would love to hear what players around the world think of this system. Let us know what you like or dislike!
UPDATE 8 May 2009 – German translation available

  1. German – One SOTG scoring sheet on a page

UPDATE 28 April 2009 – French translation available

  1. French – One SOTG scoring sheet on a page

UPDATE 23 January 2009 – Slovak translation available

  1. Slovak – 2 SOTG + 1point scoring sheet

UPDATE 16 October 2008 – New language versions available:

  1. Spanish – One SOTG scoring sheet on a page
  2. Brazilian Portuguese – One SOTG scoring sheet on a page
  3. European Portuguese – One SOTG scoring sheet on a page
  4. Italian – 2 SOTG + 1point scoring sheet
  5. Russian – One SOTG scoring sheet on a page