Invisible String achieves goal of $25K

Yesterday, on Valentines Day, the feature length Frisbee documentary the Invisible string achieved its goal of raising $25,000!
That is great. Not only did they get the money needed for such an important movie, it took them less than 2 months to raise this money! Sites like and allow people to easily donate to causes that are dear to them. No longer are there large fundraising events where people try to get millions of dollars/euros. Now a movie can raise $25K or, in the case the Portuguese Beach Ultimate team, just try to raise 3,600 euros to help players go to the World Championships of Beach Ultimate.
One interesting fact about the Invisible String fundraiser. More people donated $100 than the combined number of people donating $10 and $25. Clearly people give with the heart.

History of the Spirit of the Game and Observers

An important and interesting piece of information has been made available on the WFDF website: “History of the Spirit of the Game and Observers“. The document is must read for anyone that wants to talking about Spirit and/or Observers. It starts in 1978 when Roddick wrote:

Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements eliminates some behavior from the ultimate field. Such actions as taunting of opposition players, dangerous aggression, intentional fouling or other ‘win at all costs’ behavior are fouls against the Spirit of the Game and should be discouraged by all players.

The text is an 8-page collection of chapters and paragraphs from “Ultimate–The First Four Decades” by Tony Leonardo.
Good stuff!

Frisbee Documentary – The Invisible String

It’s hard to believe that there is no documentary film about our little rotating piece of plastic that has brought joy to so many people around the world! The histories of similar alternative sports like Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding have been covered with great documentaries.
And Frisbee?
This Invisible String Documentary will be a journey into the hearts and minds of the people that started this movement and the subsequent individuals, whom all have paved the way for its continuing global development.
For more about the project and to support the making of this documentary, visit

30 Fantastic Frisbee Blogs

Our BULA blog has been featured on the list of Top Frisbee Blogs. The organization “Choosing A Career” hand-picked a list of favorites and outlined the unique reasons why they love them.
We feel honored 🙂
Of course this is a classic way to create more links and subsequent better search engine positioning. It is actually so classic that I thought that this method had disappeared last century.
Nevertheless, it also means that a disc player probably works there and why not help out a fellow disc player by proudly displaying our badge? My only gripe is that the badge could look better:

What’s in the bag of a Beach Ultimate player?

I play Beach Ultimate 2-3 times per week. I don’t want to think about what I need to take each time, so I take everything! Of course the standard shorts, dark and light shirts, a hoodie, and sweatpants, but there is a lot more!
Beer glove – I hate warm beer
Beer opener – Duh!
BULA badge – To give to special people
Cold spray – Sprain anyone?
Cones – Always bring!
Disc – Go figure
Garbage bag – Extremely useful when it starts to rain
Hackysack – Timeout material
Hat & Gloves – It does get cold sometimes
Holy Seat – For those dirty toilet seats
Pen – To help me remember
Powerbar, Dextrose, Gatorade – Anything to help my old body
Sandskins – Like Sandsocks but better
SAS survival guide – I don’t know why
Sunblock – Of course!
Swiss Army knife – Because you never know…
Tabasco (mini) – I like my food spicy
Towel – The sea is always tempting
Visor – Get the sun out
Water battle – For when there is no beer
WFDF Rules – Don’t leave home without them
I think I am covered… 🙂 Or did I forget something?

Beach Ultimate, Facebook, and Mexico

What do you think? Is Facebook the new email? When BULA started 10 years ago, email and mailing lists were our main source of communication. Now email is starting to lose ground. People are joining this newsletter much less frequently then 5 years ago.
Now players on Facebook are ‘liking‘ Beach Ultimate, ‘joining‘ BULA, ‘supporting‘ Spirit of the Game, and ‘promoting‘ all three.
Sounds somewhat familiar? If you are on any of the BULA webpages, look at the top of the page and you will see that the BULA mission is to “assist, educate, and promote the spirit and the game of Beach Ultimate”. Clearly these players are all BULA 🙂
Mind you, there are many other ways people can be BULA’ers too… Tournament Directors and volunteers fulfill the BULA mission perfectly too.
Fernando Najera and his group in Acapulco are a good example. For the last 10+ years they have been spreading (Beach) Ultimate in Mexico, and put on a great international tournament.
Every year I write about this tournament. Every year I really want to go. But coming from Europe is no always easy. It can be a long and pricy trip. Nevertheless, if you are closer, or have the time and means, I highly recommend you check it out. I heard great stories about the tournament:
Be BULA: ‘Join’ us, and/or ‘Like’ our Game and our Spirit:

NoTsuOh Documentary Fundraiser

NoTsuOh, the legendary Beach Ultimate team that dominated Paganello for many years is raising money to complete their documentary. The final project will highlight the story about the team during their last year in Rimini, Italy.
They have hired an editor to put together the trailer and complete the project. To finish they need to raise $9,100. It would be great if players can contribute. I know I will.
For more info and a cool trailer, go to: