Lei-Out 2009…Epic?

Lei-Out 2009 shattered all previous tournament records on the Beach of Santa Monica with over 1,400 participants and a party at one of the most popular venues in Santa Monica.
Celebrating its Tenth year, the Santa Monica Beach Ultimate staple, Lei-Out, hit a record number participants and a record number of teams. 90 teams competed to be crowned the 2009 Champions.
The finals saw two former championship teams competing for the title again. Crazy Go Nuts University defeated defending champions Antimony becoming the second team in Lei-Out history to win Lei-Out more than once.
But the party was the talk of the town. Monsoon Cafe for the second year in a row hosted the event participants for an epic party. The party has several rooms, a VIP section for volunteers, and multiple DJs spinning tracks throughout the night.
Colt 45 was the beer sponsor and Below 42 Vodka, Fiji Water, Four Energy Drink, and Function Drinks were also represented!
Check out more about the tournament at www.leiout.com
Lei-Out just keeps getting better…!

A Dream About Beach Ultimate

My friend Alex Wells from Seattle recently had a dream about Beach Ultimate and playing at Lei-Out that I thought was worthy of sharing Enjoy:
I had a strange and frightening dream this morning that I feel compelled to share…
I’m at what appears to be a dance party filled with a bunch of ultimate folks, many of whom I know. As I circulate around the room I see most people are wearing jerseys that I don’t recognize, many of them the same. Some of my good friends are wearing some incredibly stylish pajamas(tops and bottoms). Wait a second, everyone in PJ’s is a fellow member of my team, Darkhorse…or should be at any rate. The pajamas are the latest and greatest in the line of Darkhorse uniforms! I realize that it is January 19th. Everyone here has just returned from Lei-Out! Except Me!!! I FORGOT TO GO TO LEI-OUT!!!!!!!!. I had a plane ticket and everything and I just forgot to go to the airport. I was so furious and distraught that I started pitching a tantrum worthy of a two-year old and tearing up.
At this point I woke up, very disoriented and breathing hard. It took me a few seconds to realize that Lei-Out wasn’t for another month and to calm down. Phew. I hope I never have that dream again.
Alex Wells

Lei-Out 2009: The Tenth Year

Believe it our not, the Beach Ultimate tournament that started with just a few dedicated Ultimate Players tossing a Frisbee around on the sand in Santa Monica, California is turning a decade old. January 17 & 18, 2009 mark the tenth anniversary of Lei-Out.
This year promises to be a special year with upgrades in tournament sponsorships, event parties, and even better competition–not to mention spirit giveaways! The Lei-Out team is working hard to grow the tournament and bring in some new international flavor.
And teams with rosters consisting of over 50% of the players from outside of the United States will receive a special gift!
Check out www.leiout.com for more details or to register. Don’t miss your chance to come to Lei-Out 2009…the tournament is filling up fast.

Ana Hammond

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Huck Finn player Ana Hammond stopped breathing while on the sideline at an ultimate tournament in Davis (California) last Saturday and couldn’t be revived.
From an email to the San Francisco Ultimate community:

Ana lived the life most people only dream of, the life of an angel, spreading joy and sincerity wherever she went, caring for the sick and dying, inspiring each of those she touched to be a better person, spurring us onward by the strength of her example, by the grace and devotion of her spirit, living life to its fullest expression.

I am sorry we never met. Peace!
Link to news story
Ana Hammond
Picture: Markus Lust