A Dream About Beach Ultimate

My friend Alex Wells from Seattle recently had a dream about Beach Ultimate and playing at Lei-Out that I thought was worthy of sharing Enjoy:
I had a strange and frightening dream this morning that I feel compelled to share…
I’m at what appears to be a dance party filled with a bunch of ultimate folks, many of whom I know. As I circulate around the room I see most people are wearing jerseys that I don’t recognize, many of them the same. Some of my good friends are wearing some incredibly stylish pajamas(tops and bottoms). Wait a second, everyone in PJ’s is a fellow member of my team, Darkhorse…or should be at any rate. The pajamas are the latest and greatest in the line of Darkhorse uniforms! I realize that it is January 19th. Everyone here has just returned from Lei-Out! Except Me!!! I FORGOT TO GO TO LEI-OUT!!!!!!!!. I had a plane ticket and everything and I just forgot to go to the airport. I was so furious and distraught that I started pitching a tantrum worthy of a two-year old and tearing up.
At this point I woke up, very disoriented and breathing hard. It took me a few seconds to realize that Lei-Out wasn’t for another month and to calm down. Phew. I hope I never have that dream again.
Alex Wells


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