The Disc Gods captured on camera?

I can’t believe I left this weird story from the BULA Blog until now. It is a true story, nothing has been modified.
Two years ago we played we played Beach Ultimate in Meco (Portugal). The weather was unstable. There was a lot of rain around us, but on the beach it was perfect. Enough sun to heat us up and not too much wind. For years we had been joking that each time we play on that beach we are helped by the ‘Frisbee Gods’ because 95% of the time, 12 months a year, we have good weather to play, irrespective of weather forecast or the weather a few days before.
I decided to take a picture of the sky. After I came home I uploaded the picture to our team’s blog. Here is where the weird part starts…
Upon uploading the picture the result was not really the picture I took. What showed up was a grainy picture of a girl with a bathing cap from the 1920’s, multiplied several times. But that is not all, a small thumbnail of the actual uploaded picture can be seen in the left top corner.

Weird… Did we capture the Disc Gods on Camera?
(and are we therefore captured on Google Earth?)
Here is the original post


It’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Patrick.

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