Happy 2009! And let’s work on peace!

upeace_logo_198px.jpgBest wishes for 2009 to all of you! I started with a donation to Ultimate Peace and I hope more players will follow. Peace is good. Ultimate is good. Donating is good.


Hi all and happy new year.
Patrick, you are great, thank you so much. This is a great way to start a new year!!!
I was just about to send this out to all with few words but you were faster than I 🙂
So, Yes, this is happening and it is a great cause.
Educating youth all around the world through the great tool of frisbee and Ultimate.
See this movie:
Now, imagine what can we do with frisbee, Ultimate and SOTG.
Are we using Ultimate only?
Ultimate is the main tool we use due to its unique team and character-building characteristics, yet we will also introduce different disc sports, including games of simple throw and catch, Freestyle, Disc Golf and more. Sometimes, the best results emerge from the simplest games.
So how can you contribute?
1. Become a fan on our facebook page:
2. Tell your friends about it (www.ultimatepeace.org)
3. Join the event – we are going to have a sweet 2 days HAT tournament with some of the greatest players in the world. (Yes it means you will be travelling to Israel….good times promised)
4. Donate – Financial crisis around the world will make it almost impossible to get sponsors on board… we depend mainly on personal contributions.
And we will have some cool gifts for donors soon
I am here to answer any questions…..
Thanks guys and a great 2009!!!
Dori Yaniv
Promoting Peace through The Spirit of the Game
1-5 April 2009
Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Dear Mr. Patrick van der Valk,
    On behalf of the directors and coaches of Ultimate Peace, I would like to thank you for your generous contribution. We greatly appreciate your support.
    Your donation supports Ultimate Peace’s mission to build bridges of friendship and understanding for youth from different social and cultural backgrounds using the exhilarating and character building sport of Ultimate Frisbee. On April 1, 2009, more than fifteen volunteer coaches and directors will unite in Tel Aviv, Israel to begin a series of workshops and mini-tournaments for Jewish and Palestinian youths and local organizations. In particular, your donation will be used to support the production of the event, help equip each participating youth with uniforms and discs, and provide coaching manuals for local teachers and coaches.
    The full vision of Ultimate Peace is to continue the development of clinics for underprivileged youths throughout the world and promote peace through Spirit of the Game. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see tremendous growth. We will keep you apprised of new developments and you can follow our progress through our website at http://www.ultimatepeace.org. As a way for us to say thank you, you will receive a commemorative Ultimate Peace professional flying disc in the mail.
    Thank you again for being one of the first contributors to Ultimate Peace. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Shalom, Salam, Peace
    Lisa Kanner
    Volunteer Coach, Ultimate Peace in the Middle East – April 2009

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