Discraft competition?

Over the years there have been various companies that tried to compete with Discraft. Daredevil discs is one of them. They are “UPA approved” but I have no idea how successful they have been. I think that for most Ultimate players, if the price is almost the same and the disc is almost the same, they will still stick to Discraft. I know I do.
But what if the price drops significantly?
This might be a good option for poorer countries, players, or organizers who don’t want to risk a large investment.
Now there is a alternative.
YiKunSports (www.yikunsports.com) has a new Ultimate disc made in China. I had the opportunity to test their new version last week (hot from the press) and I must say I was impressed. I didn’t notice a difference with the Discraft disc. It was stable, same hardness/softness, and all-in-all a good disc.
Not extremely cheap, but still $2-3 per disc cheaper than Discraft (pricelist). Something to consider…


Thanks for the information on discs, Uganda Ultimate might try one these links posted and will get back to you.
Great work Patrick!

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