Unique tournament in Turkey!

Every year BULA plants Beach Ultimate seeds around the world to help the sport grow. It does so by organizing one special Beach Ultimate tournament per year in an area that has potential.
This year the Beach Ultimate Traveling Tournament (BUTT) is going to Turkey 30 July – 1 Aug. The tournament will be held on the beach of Kemer (close to Anatlya). The organizers had already submitted a great bid to host the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in 2011 and although they couldn’t beat the amazing bid from Lignano the BULA organization was extremely impressed with their bid and gladly awarded the BUTT to Turkey this year.
Here is the website will all the info: www.ffestival.org
I am planning to go and so is the President of the WFDF: Jonathan Potts. I hope to see you there too! 🙂


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