FEAST (Frisbee East Africa Sand Tournament)

FEAST (Frisbee East Africa Sand Tournament) is back by popular demand and this year promises to be even feastier. Last year, Mighty Meaty put together an awe inspiring run to the championship that is remembered as one of the greatest victories in sports history! In addition to the world class athleticism, there was also glow-in-the dark night frisbee, greased watermelons, beer pong, dance parties and much more that cannot be mentioned nor remembered.
This year’s FEAST will be held on May 30-31st at Tiwi Beach, (one-hour drive from Mombasa, Kenya). The format will be 5 x 5 of co-ed ultimate on the beach. The team fee is $280 per team. Lunch will be provided both game days and remaining money will go to purchase a finite amount of party beverages for the final night of the tournament. To register or for additional information email [email protected].

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