2011 World Championships in Italy!

This is how the bid from Max Vitali started:

It doesn’t often happen that you manage to find what you really need. Usually, when you try to build an event, you spend months making contacts, talking to people, knocking on doors to get green lights, adequate facilities, the right deal. Usually, if you work hard enough, and for long enough, you eventually pull together a package that works. But sometimes, just sometimes, something else can happen: you come across an Opportunity. A Golden Opportunity. Something else that is even better than the thing you were looking for. Something you know you can’t ignore.

He was right! We couldn’t ignore his bid. It was perfect.
The location is the GeTur “Sports Village” in Lignano Sabbiadoro (close to Venice in Italy). This is a state-of-the-art resort center for sport, health and fitness, set in 60 ha. of natural pine woods. The accommodation and sports facilities are right next to each other, right by a private beach, over 1 km long, which can easily accommodate 15 regulation-size Ultimate playing fields. Players make the short (50 mt) walk from their hotel room to the beach along paths between the trees, with no road traffic.
Accommodation + all meals (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner) is only € 35!The food is very good, and comes in embarrassingly large quantities! It’s also very varied, always offering a range of superb dishes catering to all tastes. Of course Team and Player fees come on top of that but those will all be within normal parameters (think about € 100 per player and € 250 per team).
Not only is the place perfect, the dates are perfect too: 22-28 August 2011.
With Max as a TD (he is also organizing the Under 23 World Championships this year), all of us at BULA are extremely happy with the winning bid and we can’t wait for the next World Championships of Beach Ultimate to take place.
Keep an eye out on this blog for more info that will be coming to you.


Amazing! Congratulations.

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