Four teams tied for SOTG in Portugal

The Portuguese Beach Ultimate league was held on 5 separate playing days between October 2006 and April 2007. After each league day the participating teams filled in the BULA Spirit of the Game score sheets. After all the games were played, four teams ended up in first place with 70 out of a maximum of 80 points.
This is not the first time we hear that the BULA SOTG scoring system results in teams having equal points and some debate has been going on if this is a good thing.
Portuguese SOTG tropheeMy personal take on this is that it is good. It means that most of the teams play with good Spirit. Is it really necessary to have a single winner? Other systems that almost force a winner usually give the prize to the team with the best cheer or the most fun drinking game. However, is that really the deciding factor when a SOTG winner has to be chosen? I say “no”, but I would like to hear from others what they think.
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I don’t mind having 10 spirit winners, but I still think that the BULA SOTG scoring system should include a subjective component to allow a larger diversity.
Why not giving half of the points following the current system, and the other half following a fully subjective opinion (great atmosphere that cannot be tied to objective facts, or even the fact of having more beautiful girls in the team, less running, or nice jerseys).
What do you think?

  • Well there are 2 ‘subjective’ points now:
    1) This was a really special game
    2) The other team did something in an after-game get-together (Spirit Circle) leaving you with a positive impression at the end.
    How would you expand on this and how much would it influence the scores?

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