Sex and Ultimate Frisbee

From one of the editors of the Ultimate history book:

This time of year, cities around the country gear up for summer Ultimate Frisbee Leagues. Several thousand people play on the elite and college circuits; tens of thousands more play for fun, fitness and the “spirit of the game.” At least that’s what the brochure says. For those who play Ultimate, sex and their favorite sport are often entwined.
On a typical day at the fields, tanned bodies dive left and right. Men and women make field-length hucks to teammates in the end zone, then pump their fists in celebration. The best players hustle and throw their bodies around with abandon. Players yell “Hot catch!” when someone makes an eye-pleasing grab. “Up!” they shout when the disc is in the air, to alert teammates that action is about to begin. As one of my female friends pointed out: “It’s like a dick is hard, and we’re waiting to see what will happen.”… more….


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