Open Ultimate: online learning and coaching

teachingfrisbee.jpgThe collaborative nature of the internet is starting to work its way deeper into the fabric of (Beach) Ultimate. Open Ultimate ( is another example. You will find two primary uses for

  1. Locating resources that will help you in coaching Ultimate; and
  2. Creating a private online course for you and your team that will help you to create, manage, and disseminate resources to your team, including activities such as journal writing or discussion forums.

The name “openultimate” was chosen because the creator (Dan Cogan-Drew) wants to encourage coaches and players to share their resources (good books, DVDs, websites, blogs, etc., as well as lesson plans and/or drills that they have found useful). They’ve started it off with an initial assortment to “seed” the ground for continuous and robust contributions by the world- wide Ultimate coaching and playing community.
For any who are familiar with Blackboard, you will find this environment to be very similar. It’s built in a free open-source equivalent known as “Moodle”. If you are interested in becoming a “site editor” (like a wikipedia editor), or have other contributions to offer, please contact Dan at [email protected]


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