Wikipedia-logo.gifWikipedia has become a standard on its own, and now there are specialized ‘pedias’ showing up everywhere. One of the latest is the Ultipedia. This is a great start for a worldwide collaborative effort to get a repository of tactics, websites, cheers, etc…
That is not to say that there are no problems with ‘pedias’. The originator/moderator has a lot of power. When Ultimate (Frisbee) was added to Wikipedia we tried to get some content for Beach Ultimate included but we were constantly hindered by the ‘moderator’. The moderator decided that he had enough knowledge of the sport and that he could decide what should or should not be included. Also an entry for ‘The Worst’ (the opposite of ‘The Greatest’) was rejected because he had never heard of it before.
Nevertheless, the Ultipedia is a good start. The thing it now needs is enough publicity so that everyone starts to use it and contribute. I hope that this blog posting helps. Good luck to all involved!


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