Both readers of this blog might have be wondering why it has been so quiet lately… I feel bad and will try to improve, but the main reason for my silence was the preparation for the World Championships.
frantic.gifGetting teams to respond and commit has been a challenge. Since I started playing (20+ years ago!) I always heard and found that Ultimate players are great, but there are a lot of unreliable people. At least relatively to other friends and or co-workers. They mean well, but committing to something is tough. Organizing the World Championships has been no different.
However, after a very intense 2 months with lots of emails, phone calls, etc.. we now have 27 teams confirmed. We have rosters, payment, flight info etc… we have WCBU lift off!!!
The turnout could have been better, but flying to Brazil is not cheap and that is always a problem. I believe that the World Championships (grass) Ultimate in Perth had a bit of the same problem. Beach Ultimate is even more handicapped because not that many players are playing it yet.
Nevertheless Maceio will be the biggest South American disc event EVER, and with 300+ players, 15 countries, beach, disc, parties, etc… it will be an event to remember! I am really looking forward to it and I know many other players are. Now we are going to work on scheduling and other details and we will get you all the info as soon as possible.
Until then, keep ’em flying and here are the divisions:
Mixed: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, the Peace Team, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and the US
Masters: Portugal, Brazil, GB, Canada, US
Open: Philippines, Australia, Brazil, US, GB, Currier Island
Women: Currier Island, Australia, US, GB, Brazil


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