San Francisco is going beach

Beach Ultimate in San Francisco has long been in the shadow of its grass cousin. During the summer, when the grass league is in full swing, there are just enough players to play on one field on Ocean Beach (for those of you interested, it is on Saturday’s at2 PM at stairwell 9). There are no tournaments in the area and there is no beach league.
However persistent work from Edmundo and Chris McT is starting to change this. More and more players are showing up on Saturdays and now Ed is organizing a Beach Ultimate tournament close by: Gazos Gambit November 30 – December 2. There is also some talk about a beach league… It is still just talk, but San Francisco has the players, has the beach, and has the funkiness to have a great Beach Ultimate league. BULA is rooting for it! 🙂


we’re doing it again! this is one of the prettiest beaches in the world i think. 🙂 but i have lots to see

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