Free Flyers and Posters

BULA has always tried to help players organize Beach Ultimate pickup games, tournaments and leagues. It started off with a whole section with tips for organizers. Two years ago we started offering free pictures in high resolution to be used for posters, articles in newspapers, etc… Last week we published an extensive Sponsorship Guide to help organizers understand how sponsorship works and how to ask for it.
Today the BULA PR group released free flyers and posters that people can download and use to promote Beach Ultimate in the area where they live. Everything was released in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.
The posters were designed to allow people to easily add their own information on the right, while having a catchy design and some information on the left.
The flyers were made so people can print them on one piece of paper and fold it into a great handout for people watching the game. Again we left enough space so that you can add you own contact information and anything else you find useful. We hope you will make good use of them 🙂
Download the .pdf files below. The flyers are about 0.5 Mb and the posters are 0.25 Mb:
* Flyer in English | Poster in English
* Flyer in Portuguese | Poster in Portuguese
* Flyer in Spanish | Poster in Spanish
* Flyer in Italian | Poster in Italian
* Flyer in French | Poster in French
Many thanks to: Nadia Sillano, Marco Boldrini, Gemma Perez, Jose Pires, and Joana Rodrigues


get job guys this will help us for sure. does the flyers come in different colors by chance? Hehehe…
Thanks to Patrick for the hook up!
-ping bautista
Philippine Ultimate Association

  • Hi there!
    My name is — no joke — Karen Bula. In my corner of the Midwest, it is an originally Polish last name.
    I am a high school teacher and love to have fun and unusual posters in my classroom, and I would love to hang some posters from your organization in my room — considering your name and all. 🙂 Is it possible for me to obtain some?

  • Guys I dont know much about but I really know is that frisbee rocks.Anyway are there any possibilities that I can get posters?Again I had this idea of opening up my own team at our campus which is the university of Free State Qwa-qwa campus.So is there any support that I can get from you guys?My contact numbers are 0730132676

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