Sponsorship is sometimes controversial in the world of Beach Ultimate. However sponsorship can enhance any tournament or league. Don’t immediately think TV, shirt advertising, etc… It can simply be the local council that promotes the event in the area in return for flyers near the fields. However, if you want, sponsorship can be a whole bunch of companies that can get you money, TV coverage, and free beers 🙂
If you are like many organizers… you have a passion about Beach Ultimate, you want to organize a tournament or a league but you don’t know much about sponsorship, then we have something for you: The BULA Sponsorship committee worked over a year to create a 22 page sponsorship guide that will answer the following questions:

  • What can you expect?
  • What does a sponsor want?
  • What types of sponsorship are there?
  • How can you best approach sponsors?
  • Who should you contact?

Furthermore, we added real examples of other tournaments, a sponsorship invitation example letter, contract, and resources to help you get sponsorship and run a great tournament or city league!
Download the Sponsorship Guide
Many thanks to: Mike Palmer, Matt Kass, Brian Calle, Rahim Resad, Bruce Heslop, and Adam Levy
UPDATE 11 FEB: Dima translated the guide into Russian!


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