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  • (Beach) Ultimate Frisbee Makes an Indian Filmmaker’s Sundance Dreams Come True
    A winner of the Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, shows that, surprisingly, (Beach) Ultimate Frisbee is a force for good in the world… Full article Video at
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  • Amazing Changes
    It has been a while since our last blog post. But we have been a bit busy… We are continuing to work hard to ensure an amazing 2015 BULA & WFDF World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Dubai. (I can’t believe the event is less than 2 months away…!) And today we are very proud to launch […]
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  • Beach Ultimate featured in new series
    Elliot Trotter, Editor in Chief of Skyd Magazine, just released a new series “Ultimate Globe Trotter”. The first episode features Beach Ultimate legends, the Boracay Dragons
  • Team Kenya to go to Dubai
    Kenya today is officially announced its intention to attend the 2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (#WCBU2015) in the Open division. They made a website to register players and rally support around their cause and send players to They need to raise $10,000 and need all the help they can get!
  • Dubai to host World Championships in 2015
    Dubai will host the 2015 BULA & WFDF World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU) next year, the first time the premier competition for Ultimate Frisbee players will come to the Middle East. Expected to be held on the beach along Jumeirah Beach Residences in March 2015, the championships will welcome an estimated 1,000 athletes from […]
  • Disc, Beach, and Rio
    Last year, around this time, we promoted the Hat Rio 40º tournament. It turned out to be great! If that looks like fun, : check out the details for the 2014 edition.
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  • Beach Ultimate tournament in Cancun
    For the last 10 years Acapulco was the place to go for Beach Ultimate in Mexico. However they were recently hit with two big hurricanes and are now in a rebuilding phase. Nevertheless, they are supporting a new event on the other side of the country: Cancun! Cancun is a city with some of the […]
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  • ECBU2013 Final Results
    The 2013 BULA/WFDF European Championships of Beach Ultimate (#ECBU2013) in Calafell Platja, Spain, came to a close with a victory by Team Sweden over Ireland 12-4 in the featured Mixed division final. A total of 1,150 players from 23 countries participated in the largest Beach Ultimate event ever co-hosted by the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association […]
  • European Championships about to start!
    The European Championships of Beach Ultimate are a week away and everything is ready for a showcase event: a record 1,150 players representing 23 country, and ground-breaking online coverage at
  • 4-game Spirit score sheet now available
    The Spirit of the Game Committee of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has published a 4-game Spirit of the Game scoresheet. The sheet reduces paper use by 75% and simplifies the work for teams and administrators by displaying four games on one sheet. The new scoresheet can be found here. An editable version can […]
  • WCBU2011 Finals
    The videos of all the finals at the 2011 World Championships, as well as other key games, are online as of today on YouTube Here is just one of the videos: Germany – USA Mixed finals. The game starts at 7:31
  • Brazilian Beach Bliss
    Need to feel warm inside? Hat Rio 40º 2012
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  • 2013 Beach Ultimate Rules
    Last month the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) released the revised version of the Official Ultimate Rules (link). Today we have made the Beach Ultimate appendices available to all Beach Ultimate Lovers. 2013 Rules of Ultimate Appendix-WFDF-2013-Rules-BULA-5-on-5-Rules.pdf Appendix-WFDF-2013-Rules-BULA-4-on-4-Rules.pdf These rules will come into effect 1 January 2013 and will apply to all BULA events, including […]
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  • UP! In New Zealand
    Look at these great shots from this year’s Flat Out Nelson tourney in New Zealand. They were taken by the famous, official photographer at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships in Japan last year.
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  • (11/22/2012)
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  • European Championships website and WFDF
    The website and registration for 2013 BULA & WFDF European Championships of Beach Ultimate (ECBU2013) are ready and can be accessed at The ECBU2013 will be held on Calafell Beach, Tarragona (Spain) 27-30 June 2013. The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has approved the ECBU2013 as a WFDF event. This means that the WFDF […]
  • Ebashi Cup – Domo Arigato
    Lots of talk about Japan lately. The World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) took place there recently and (social) media was widely present. While the WUGC was taking place, I met Matt Kass from BULA Japan in San Francisco. Matt was so kind to offer me this disc from the the Ebashi Beach Ultimate Cup: […]
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  • Against the Grain: 10 years already!
    This year marked the tenth annual Against The Grain (ATG) Beach Ultimate tournament. Twenty teams from all over gathered at Seaside, Oregon, July 14 and 15 to play in either the 4v4 or 5v5 division. The teams from Seattle managed to sweep the title in both divisions…but there was a strong showing in 5v5 finals […]
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  • Beach Ultimate in Hawaii
    Hawaii has always been a place where we hoped Beach Ultimate would be played. However, most beaches just don’t have (enough) sand. Today however we found out that there are indeed some crazy people slogging through through the sand. Even better, there is a highly spirited league where teams cheer for the other team after […]
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  • Chicago Sandblast 2012: History
    Every July, players flock to the same groomed beaches to celebrate a new summer by playing a little Ultimate. But these teams aren’t overlooking the Pacific in Santa Monica or even from the Atlantic in Wildwood, New Jersey. Instead they are gathering in the heart of the country, looking out over Lake Michigan. Sandblast, is […]
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